2 cm recess in Prague electrical outlets

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Michelle Lange
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2 cm recess in Prague electrical outlets

Postby Michelle Lange » 11-Sep-09 20:29

Hi, I read on an old post that an electrical converter requires a plastic connector to fit the 2cm recess in the Czech outlets but it wasn't clear if this plastic connector is necessary when using a adaptor. It seemed like the connector was only needed for a converter and not an adaptor.

Thanks v. much.
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Ctyri koruny
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Postby Ctyri koruny » 28-Sep-09 20:42

I've never seen one with a recess.. you get the two holes for the prongs on your plug, plus one prong on top that goes into the hole in your plug.

I don't think you need anything extra on top of the adapter.
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