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Postby corneli » 25-Sep-09 13:43

Can you use a video camera hooked to your computer instead of a webcam when using Skype? We're planning a video chat with family across the country and the family on this end is pretty big, so it would be nice to be able to use something with a wider view that's able to pan around, and also, it's better quality. Is there a way to hook up my camera to Skype instead of using my laptop's webcam?
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Irena M
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Postby Irena M » 27-Sep-09 6:18

I don't know. I have Skype and web cam only.
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Postby jen » 27-Sep-09 11:00

I tried googling "using video camera as webcam" and came up with quite a number of positive looking give it a try! It shouldn't be too hard - I know how to do it on a Mac (pretty much just plug and play) but haven't a clue about a PC...
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Postby The Animal » 31-May-10 5:16

Jsem with Irena on that one. I have Skype also. :wink:
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