Ahoj tout le monde!

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Ahoj tout le monde!

Postby Gill » 04-Feb-10 19:08

Ahoj! Jsem angličanka. Naučila jsem sám čestinou z knih a od přátel v praze před patnacti lety. Zapomněla jsem moc!!
(Should that be "Učila jsem se" ?)

So, I hope I can relearn what I've forgotten. It's a lovely language. The biggest problem is that I moved to France, so now I speak frechlish :)

I've visited Prague many times - my favourite bar is Ů Sadu - does anyone know it -near the tv tower? And I've also visited friends in Moravia, Pardubice and Karlovy Vary (not to mention skiing in Jizerske hora (sorry - accents are very hard!)). I even applied for a job with the Prague Post once, but they didn't want me.

If anyone here hasn't been to this lovely country yet - make sure you do, and please could someone send me a year's supply of Smažený Sýr?

I wish this forum had been here when I first started learning!

Na zdraví!

Also, please can you do away with 'ř'? I can't even say 'r' in my own language :)
My favourite question. Why is mladá boleslav - mladá?
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Postby The Animal » 14-Feb-10 22:15

Ahoj a vítám vás
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Postby scrimshaw » 15-Feb-10 0:23

Welcome Gill. If you managed to self teach yourself Czech, then I congratulate you. That is no easy task.
Visit here often. It will refresh your memory.
It's a great source and nice people.
Jsem zvědav, jak by to vypadalo, kdybych byl přivolávačem deště. Jak by to vypadalo, kdybych uměl přivolat déšt'?
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Postby Gill » 15-Feb-10 10:23

Thank you for the welcome :)

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