[Brno]Looking for a room in a shared flat (begining of May)

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[Brno]Looking for a room in a shared flat (begining of May)

Postby yep3000 » 21-Apr-10 14:45


I am 27 year old men. I will move to Brno in the end of April and start working there for IBM. Therefore I am searching for a room in a flat share in Brno. Preferrably I am searching for something with easy access to IBM. Can somebody give me hints where to search for that? Or does someone know/have any free room?

I would be pleased for replys.
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Postby estherbenhur » 06-May-10 21:23

Hi yep3000,

are you still looking for apartment? I have a friend who is also looking for something. Maybe I can introduce him to you and you both can share, unless you want an apartment to yourself.

Let me know!



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