Greetings from Austin, Texas

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Greetings from Austin, Texas

Postby elcoyotelocoatx » 15-Aug-10 16:08

Hi all, this is my first post here.

I am a fulltime student (English degree) and aspiring chef who is planning to move to Europe after I graduate. Czech Republic is my first choice, but as future circumstances dictate I am also looking at Poland or Sweden.

From what I've read and seen in the media, what I like best about Czechs is that that you seem to be a very forward-thinking people who place a lot of value in living a quality life without much pretension. I also like that most Czechs have a very healthy disrespect for organized religion, but still consider themselves somewhat spiritual. This is a good balance, imho, and would be a welcome change from the hyper-religiosity that's so common in the USA, especially here in the South.

Fortunately, I live in Austin, which is much more laid back than the rest of Texas and is one of the birthplaces of American blues, country, and rock&roll. If you ever take a musical tour of the US, this is definitely one of the places to visit. Here's a good article on Wikipedia if you're interested.

From a culinary perspective, I find it very intriguing that Czech Republic is in the process of recovering and rediscovering its culinary traditions that were almost lost during the Soviet years. As you may already be aware, Central Texas barbecue is very heavily influenced by the German and Czech immigrants who moved here during the 1800's. I would love to someday bring our style of smoked meats and sausages "back" to its homeland, in a sense, and to research your foodways and perhaps assist in bringing them back.

Anyway, I can't wait to visit Czech Republic - the whole country, not just Prague! If you have any questions about Austin, The American South, or the USA in general, feel free to ask. :)

Cheers and na zdravi!
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Postby Jeff » 16-Aug-10 14:34


Welcome to the community! And greetings to Austin. I spent two years there while going to business school and thought it was a great city.

Best of luck in your quest to make it to the Czech Republic. Yes, there is a lot to see and experience outside of Prague. I hope you end up having an opportunity to offer some Central Texas barbecue over here. I sure do miss it :)

Feel free to ask any questions you have. You'll find that the community here is friendly and helpful.
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Postby DaveUK » 17-Aug-10 7:43

Welcome to the forum, be sure to come and see us in Ostrava!
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Postby dzurisova » 19-Aug-10 16:34

welcome :)
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Postby elcoyotelocoatx » 20-Aug-10 1:45

Thanks everyone! :)

I just posted my first question:
How "Foodie" are Czech people?

Check it out!
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Postby The Animal » 03-Jan-11 4:39

Vítám vás jsem z Odessa Texas. Můj cousins are down south of ty.
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