CZ > EN Translation - kde pak se mi toulas?

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CZ > EN Translation - kde pak se mi toulas?

Postby bambulko » 09-Dec-10 10:26


"kde pak se mi toulas?"

I have tried to translate this literally, but I'm not sure it makes much sense. It possibly means something other than what I have worked out.

I've 'Googled' t too, and it seems quit a commonly used phrase.

Can anybody translate this please.

Thank you :)
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Postby Alexx » 09-Dec-10 15:28

I am not sure what is appropriate translation of the verb "toulat se", gives bunch of words I am not very familiar with, like:

bummel, hobo, wander, tramp.

maybe: "Where did your steps lead?"

meaning "Where are you now" while asking someone you lost contact with some (unspecified) time ago. However "mi" indicates it is someone very close (intimate) to you.

Or can be used when looking for a cat in the garden :-).

EDIT: "kde pak" should be written as one word 'kdepak"
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Postby scrimshaw » 16-Jan-11 23:24

Reading Alexx's thoughts it looks like it could be translated....Now where did you wander off to?
Jsem zvědav, jak by to vypadalo, kdybych byl přivolávačem deště. Jak by to vypadalo, kdybych uměl přivolat déšt'?
Mám pocit ale, že se to bohužel nikdy nedozvím.

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