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Postby kamila08 » 27-Sep-08 23:51

Ahoj Jitko
Jmenuji se Kamila a jsem take z Tampy.
Jestli mas chut si popovidat , tak tady je muj email : kpicard08@earthlink.net


yitka wrote:Hello,
I just registered in here, what a lovely website. We are from Tampa, Florida. My name is Jitka (born in Chomutov) and my husband Herbert is US native. This seems to be a wonderful way how to meet some Czech native, just for the reason to have some landsfolks to keep the traditions going. We will definately appreciate to meet some friendly czech native people from Tampa area. We are in our 30's. :shock:
Well, enough for now, looking forward to read from someone....Jitka

quote="Douglas"]Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm an American and live in sunny/ warm Tampa with my beautiful wife and 2 year old son.

My wife was born and raised in Czech (Marianske Lazne) and moved here about 8 years ago.

I've only been to Czech one time so far (visiting Marianke Lasne, Karlovy Vary, Plzen and Prague) but I really enjoyed myself and can't wait to get back. Thankfully my wife and I are planning for an extended vacation (4-6 weeks) there in early fall and I hope to be able to see alot more of the country.

My only hope is that I can improve on my pitifully weak grasp of basic Czech! It should be easier to learn with a Czech speaking wife but I can't seem to pick it up.

Ah well, I will keep trying and maybe tuning into this forum will help give me inspiration.

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Postby kamila08 » 08-Jun-13 4:56

Jsi porad v Tampe?
Ja uz ti jednou psala uz je to dlouho.
Kdyztak se ozvi : kamilasphotos@gmail.com
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Postby Irena M » 04-Aug-13 8:38

Ahoj Jitko,
Ja jsem z Prahy ale bydlim v Californii.

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