Jan Werich - Monosyllabic story

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Postby wer » 03-Dec-09 23:10

TomKQT wrote:Quite hard to read :)

Yes, it’s somehow dadaistic.
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Postby Ctyri koruny » 04-Dec-09 13:46

tpmcr wrote:When I saw the one-syllabical story, I could not resist adding a consonant-ony story.

Author: Jára Cimrman
Background: when J.C. made his famous expedition to the North Pole, he was thinking how to write a scientific log of the expedition (imagine ink freezing, frozen fingers not able to hold a pen). His solution was to use potato letter stamps (such potato stamps are sometimes used during plays in Czech kindergartens to print colourful images).

This worked well initially; however, the conditions on North Pole were rough and at the end the polar heroes already suffered from polar hunger. To save his comrades' lifes, J.C. decided to sacrifice the potato-vowels -- he claimed that vowels are just a word glue, while consonants are the true carriers of information. To prove that valuable literature can be written even without vowels, J.C. wrote after the lunch the following story:

Pln skvrn z mlh, vlk vtrhl v tvrz "Krch" skrz strž. Plž prchl,
mlž zdrhl, plch frnkl skrz vrch. Vlk strhl smrk z vrb. Hrb drhl.
Šprt z Brd mrkl: "Zblbls? Skrč hrb!" Smrk z vrb mrskl v krb.
Vlk scvrnkl trn z prs v krb. Šprt škrtl. Vlk zhltl trn.
Vlk krkl. Šprt ztvrdl: "Trp! Strč brk v krk."
Prst trhl. Vlk vrhl. Krk vchrstl hlt v prsť. Vlk, pln vln, prchl.
Šprt, hrd, vrtl srp v drn z chrp. Srp smrskl drn v drť.
Šprt vrhl v krb hrst chrp. Chrt vtrhl v tvrz. Mrzl.
Šprt sprdl krb: "Drž drn!" Krb vrzl: "Strč drn v smrk!".
Šprt škrtl "Srš, srš". Chrt prskl: "Prsk! Prsk!"
Pln sprch drn zvlhl. Šprt trkl:"Strč prsk v krk". Chrt vsrkl prsk v krk.
Šprt strhl srst, škrtl. Chrt drkl, zvrhl krb.
Krb zmlkl. Chrt zvrtl smrk; frnkl.
Dr. Šprt z Brd zmrzl. Blb.

ah ha ha! That is wonderful! Does anyone have a recorded version? Or could someone make one? I would love to hear it!
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Postby Ctyri koruny » 04-Dec-09 13:58

Swordslayer wrote:Once in a time and a place not known a boor did live. It could be also said a man or a gent,


One could call him a man or a gent too.

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