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Link to multimedia files (audio, video) that you find helpful in learning the Czech language.

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Text to Speech site

Postby Swordslayer » 06-May-09 3:16


Quite a nice text to speech site, text limit is 150 characters, Czech voice is also available. When a word pronunciation is unavailable, it spells the word instead. Can come in handy for checking even the pronunciation of single words, as the output is really close to the real-world Czech speech.
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Ctyri koruny
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Postby Ctyri koruny » 06-May-09 11:46

thanks! That will be really useful in the future.. but right now I'm just having fun making Peter Heather and Rachel say "Hello I just soiled myself"
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Postby scrimshaw » 12-Jul-09 18:28

Wow. That really is useful. How do they do that?
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Postby Eleshar » 23-Jul-09 23:39

There is full free speech synthesiser on the website of our Faculty:


Just click on the first link (Modproz) and then download the three parts at the bottom of the next page. It is not actually a synthesiser, it is a phonetic programme for practice of modelling of prosody in Czech sentences, but it can render a written text fairly well, although the prosody itself does not seem very natural.
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