Kutná Hora, whats your 1.Liga team?

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Kutná Hora, whats your 1.Liga team?

Postby jvk » 08-Dec-09 6:23

Hi all,

I am planning on visiting Kutná Hora when I go to Praha . I was just wondering what Gambrinus liga team do most people in Kutná Hora support? And/or do you have a local relegated team?
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Postby Carbone » 11-Dec-09 4:12

I'm not from Kutná Hora (KH), but I think that most people there don't really care. However if someone follows Gambrinus liga it's probably Sparta or Slavia Praha. Their fanbase is the biggest and they're relatively close as well.
KH is next to Kolin, their biggest succes was II.liga, but they relegated, and they're also relatively close to Pardubice, but it's more of a hockey city.
KH itself doesn't have (and never had) any professional team.
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Postby wer » 11-Dec-09 18:05

Kutná Hora and sport? That says nothing to me!

Perhaps Čáslav, that’s nearby and they have a team in the second league.

Kutná Hora has an ice hockey team in the second league (which is actually the third league in the CR).

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