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Postby meluzina » 17-Dec-09 16:18

Petronela wrote:
I do prefer recipes in kilos/litters, it’s just so much more accurate and fool-proof. I wish America just got on with the system and converted already! :twisted:

i agree - and it gors for measuring graphic layouts as well -i used to annoy everyone at work by doing mine in mm rather than in 100ths of an inch - but mine always came out righton the first try asopposed to having to maneuver them around :)

do you think america will convert? it was in the plans sometime in the 1970s - i was in grade school when they started teaching us the metric system and how to convert - and why certain road signs in california have both miles and kilometres on them - don't know why they dropped the plan, as it is an easier system to remember..
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Postby Petronela » 17-Dec-09 17:48

I think eventually U.S. will convert, but why it’s taking so bloody long just makes no sense to me because it’s really creating a handicap by leaving general population on a sideline.

Medical world operates only in metrics already, I am yet to see a doctor who would write my prescription in tea spoons, cups, pounds, pints or other nonsense. Quite frankly if I would ever see a doc doing it I would politely back out of his/her office and never come back.

Same for scientific communities. Any research or study is always done in metric for two main reasons: accuracy and understanding by rest of the world.
So why not just get it over and done with and make life easier for everyone.....

As not to derail too much here’s my recipe for rohlicky:
-150 g. Flour
-20 g. Powder sugar
-100 g. Butter
-50 g. Grouned nutts
-1 egg yolk
-1 package of vanilla sugar
plus mixture of powdered sugar and vanilla sugar for rolling the finished rohlicky in.
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Postby dzurisova » 06-Jan-10 0:19

My husbands cousin went back to CR for Christmas and brought me back a measuring device for grams!! :) I had made plenty of czech cookies before Christmas, but I just had to try it again with the device. They were MUCH better with the proper measurements. My bread recipe was also much better. I'd recommend to anyone that can to pick up a gram measurer when using these recipes.

btw, He also brought some packages for knedliky. All I have to do is add water and roll! :D
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Postby Irena M » 06-Apr-10 5:51

I'm slowly converting my recipes from cups to either grams or ounces. I get better results this way. You can get an inexpensive digital scale that weighs either in grams or ounces at places like Walmart, Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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