Prague, Czech Republic (Places to Live and Places to Teach)

For expatriates living in the Czech Republic or those considering moving there.

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Prague, Czech Republic (Places to Live and Places to Teach)

Postby fdrcompany » 20-May-10 13:15


I'm here in Prague, and have been for two years.

I have learned ALOT!

If you want some free information on where to live, or where to work if your an English Teacher, (or a TEFL Student), ask me, I can help you.

I have sent up two auto-reply e-mail addresses to answer all the common stuff first. Then, if you ask me a question not on there, I'll write you back.

First, just send me an e-mail that says HELLO! and you will get an auto reply.

For info on where to live in Prague, write me at:

For information on where to work if you are in English Teacher, or want to join a good TEFL school, drop me a line at:

Talk to you later,
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Postby Jeff » 20-May-10 23:07

Hi Dwayne,

We're glad to have you as part of the community! I see that you have been a member since 2008.

Our message boards were set up to help people share information. It's nice to see that you are willing to share your experience living in Prague and we hope you do it here on these forums instead of through one-on-one emails. That way, the whole community can benefit.


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Postby dzurisova » 27-May-10 19:07

I'm looking for good info on getting a TEFL. I was thinking of doing an online program, but someone on this site mentioned that it might be a fraud. I'd like to get it this year here in the States since my husband and I are considering going there for short-term in about a year or so. Please give me whatever good info you have on the subject.

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