one letter can make a world of difference

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one letter can make a world of difference

Postby dzurisova » 02-Jan-11 2:19

So when New Year hit this year, I figured I'd be clever and send all my czech friends a nice text.

"Strasny Novy Rok!!!!"

Needless to say, I got a lot of texts back saying "Doufam ze nebude!!"

:D Happy New Year Everyone! :D
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Postby GlennInFlorida » 02-Jan-11 17:31


Happy New Year to you, too :D
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Postby kotja » 03-Jan-11 16:51

Morituri nomulus mori. - Rincewind the wizzard
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Postby scrimshaw » 16-Jan-11 22:49

Pozdě se vrácím, ale.....

Happy New Year to all!!!!!

Strasný? Maybe...only time will tell, dzurisova, but being an optimist, I doubt it.
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