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To Wer

Postby scrimshaw » 09-Nov-11 16:56

I was just reviewing some old posts.

scrimshaw wrote:
If we do not all hang together, we will certainly all hang separately....Thomas Paine

YOU WROTE.....Isn’t it attributed rather to Ben Franklin?

Yes, you are correct, it is a quote attributed to Ben Franklin, not Thomas Paine. :oops: And that's from me, who likes to think he knows a little about american history.

And I like your translation to continue the word play....
Nebudeme-li táhnout za jeden provaz, dostaneme každý svůj provaz.

scrimshaw wrote:
Nedržíme-li spolu, určitě pověsíme samostatně

We use future tense for this kind of condition:

Nebudeme-li držet (po)spolu/pohromadě…

The prefix “po-” has causative meaning:

viset ~ to be hanging
pověsit ~ to make something hanging


…budeme viset každý zvlášť (~ we will all hang separately)
…pověsí nás každého zvlášť. (~ they will hang us separately)

But as the wordplay is lost in this translation, we should try some loose translation, e.g.:

Nebudeme-li táhnout za jeden provaz, dostaneme každý svůj provaz.

(~ If we do not all pull at the same end of the rope, every of us will be granted his own rope.)
Jsem zvědav, jak by to vypadalo, kdybych byl přivolávačem deště. Jak by to vypadalo, kdybych uměl přivolat déšt'?
Mám pocit ale, že se to bohužel nikdy nedozvím.

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