problems with major math equasions

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problems with major math equasions

Postby The Animal » 04-Aug-13 7:52

Ahoj můj friends it's been a very long time since I last logged on. I miss all of you!!
Vím we have some mathematicians here. I'm trying to figure out a real long equasions involving trig, caclus etc. They did not teach us this at Detroit Diesel/MTU Diesel school in Detroit Michigan.

This is what I'm trying to figure out, engine torque in FT.LBS
I have a cylinder bore of 3.503 inch, a stroke of 2.716 inch.
surface area of piston is 9.637 working pressure of 175 psi.
The force pushing the piston down is 1687 LBS the radius of the crankshft would be 1.358 inches.

The first formula is Angular Velocity, 2nd Angular Acceleration, 3rd Constant Angular Acceleration, 4th Tangential Speed, 5th Centripetal Acceleration, 6th Moment of Inertia (body) what ever that is, 7th Moment of inertia (particles) what ever that is, 8th Rotational Kinetic energy

Then there is one for torque in FT LBS, 1 st Torque, 2nd Vector torque, 3rd Vector torque, 4th Total torque, 5th Total torque, 6th Work done by torque, 7th Power, 8th Angular momentum (particle) what ever that is, 9th Angular momentum, 10th Total torque.

Has alot of weird symbals like a weird (E) symbal, a T with a triangle with a weird 0 with a slash through it, F with a I that has a loop .

This is weird to me, I get lost with all the stages to try to get through the process. I down loaded a app called Physics Reference. All I want to know is how much torque is this engine making in FT.LBS. with 175 PSI.
I am still a Diesel Engine Tech. and a business owner. Thinking about becoming a Kohler Diesel Engine Dealer to offer my customers another product.
Děkuji to every one who can help. I knew this was the first place to go !!
The formula makes me cross eyed :wink: :roll:

Ps. If I know the torque then I can figure the Horse Power that's the easy part. Once again děkuji
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