how would i go about finding a relative in Czechoslovakia??

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how would i go about finding a relative in Czechoslovakia??

Postby Kimm » 21-Jul-04 0:06

Hi just wondering if anyone had any info as how to go about finding any relatives in Czechoslovakia? My grandfather "Frank Polachek" left Prague in 1924, he had came over on the Vessel the "Levlathan". Iknow for a fact that my Greatgrandmother stayed in Prauge and I know that I have cousins over there. I just don't know how to go about it. If any one could help it would be much apperciated. Thanks so much .
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Postby vrba » 26-Sep-04 8:19

There is a website that lists something like a telephone directory which gives names in the town you are searching. Maybe someone can remember how to get to that site. However, Prague is a big city and there can be many,many people with the surname you are looking for, and who knows if your relatives have even stayed in Prague. Also, Czechoslovakia no longer exists. It is the Czech Republic now.
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Postby Sova » 27-Sep-04 17:14

I think the telephone directory site you are talking about is this one:

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