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Čertovy kameny - Vyšehrad

Postby gementricxs » 29-Jan-06 15:34

Recently I've been with my friend at Vyšehrad and as you may know, there three stones called Devil's Stones (Čertovy kameny), which are connected with nice legend.
I tried to look it up on many czech websites and the story was on every page little different, so I come up with my story, where I considered all version I heard. I translated it for her into English, because she can't speak Czech and I think the story is intersting and you'll like it.
Here is it:

Legend about Devil’s stones on Vyšehrad
When the Church of Saint Peter and Paul was being built, Saint Peter forced the devil Zardan to help bring materials to build the church. He did it, but he sought an opportunity to get revenge. He found a poor villager and tricked him for the soul of his youngest son. The youngest was Peter and he became a priest. He could be free only if his mass ended before the devil Zardan brought columns from Rome’s Saint Peter’s Church. But he didn’t want to waste time, so he picked up columns from the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin on the outskirts of Rome. Saint Peter saw this trickery and he wanted to punish him. So, he pushed him down into the sea three times. Devil Zardan failed and because he was very angry, he threw the column to Saint Peter and Paul’s Church at Vyšehrad. The column created a hole in the roof. It broke into three pieces and laid for a long time inside the church. The column was put outside the church when Joseph II ruled the Czech country (18th century).


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