Czech Language Learning for kids

Find people with whom you can exchange language lessons. Look for a Czech tutor or classes. Find a Czech tutor in your area at <a href= target="_blank"></a>.

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Czech Language Learning for kids

Postby KCoyan » 07-Jul-05 23:23

My family is in the process of learning the Czech language preparing for a possible move to Ceske Budejovice in the winter or fall of 2006. Can anyone reccomend children's Czech language curriculum geared toward anglophones learning the language?

Any help is appreciated :)

Krista Coyan

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Postby Ruzete » 08-Jul-05 1:20

I don't have any suggestions on anglophones, but i know a book that is a childrens dictionaryfrom English-Czech, it has pictures and then how to say it in Czech by writing it how an english person would pronounce itcorrectly, (sorry if i can't explain it good) ... 9878&itm=1

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