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Polident spam

Postby danny09 » 20-Dec-05 8:10

i just wana ask coz I saw this cool travel deal posted somewhere about buying 5 boxes of polident and getting a free companion airfare voucher. Has anyone heard about it? I think its a good thing coz airfares are escalating tremendously and i thought itll be best for me to try this promo deals...
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Postby My Czech Republic » 20-Dec-05 12:16

Hi danny09,

There's no need pretending that you're a curious traveler asking others about "this cool travel deal posted somewhere". Maybe you forgot that you already posted this spam here back in October and we deleted it. Please stop spamming these boards.

Posted: 05-Oct-05 6:36 by danny09
Anybody interested in traveling inside the US should check out this gr8 offer by Polident. Polident is offering free Airline Travel Vouchers with the purchase of 5 boxes of specially marked products. See polident.com for more information. I’m working on this promotion on behalf of GSK. All information on this program is available at polident.com.

P.S. Your English sure has gone downhill since then.
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Postby GlennInFlorida » 20-Dec-05 13:06

Perhaps danny09 is using such silly spelling because he wants to appear kewl (cool) or young - many people use shortened words (gr8, coz) for text messaging (especially younger people who tend to text message more). If he is in fact young, why in the world is he pushing Polident? Did some one knock all his teeth down his throat (maybe for too much spamming)?
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Postby Dana » 20-Dec-05 13:29

Why is young danny09 "the backpacker kid" pushing Polident? coz he gets paid for it! aint that kewl, man! Danny needs to perfect his cool image though because the phrases "companion airfare voucher" and "escalating tremendously" gave him away. I think "buddy ticket" and "going up like hell" would be a better fit for the camouflage.
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Postby evian » 23-Dec-05 2:07

danny09 wrote:I think its a good thing coz airfares are escalating tremendously

No they aren't. :? If anything, most are decreasing.

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