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Svickova omacka

Postby monotone » 29-Oct-06 0:33

Greetings from Canada.

We have a young man who is staying here in Canada to play hockey with our team. He told me today that his favourite meal was

svickova omacka s houskovgmi knedliky

I think that's beef tenderloin with cream sauce and dumplings. I've googled looking for an english recipe and can't seem to find one anywhere.

Does anyone have a recipe for this in English? I'm sure he would love us to make it for him, but I'm not a good enough cook to just guess.

Thanks for your help!

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Postby Jana » 29-Oct-06 10:51

Svíčková na smetaně

2 lbs beef tenderloin, 2 oz salt pork (or bacon), 3 tbs vegetable oil (e.g. Canola), 3 oz carrots, 6 oz celery root, 6 oz parsley root (all cleaned and cubed), 1 medium onion, 5 peppercorns, 5 whole allspice, 2 bay leaves, 10 fl oz beef stock, 10 fl oz sour cream, 3 tbs all purpose flour (optional), lemon juice or vinegar(optional), salt, canned cranberries or red currant jelly.

Cut bacon into wedges and interlard the meat. Brown it quickly in hot oil, then remove and fry the onion, vegetables and any remaining bacon (cubed) in the oil till light brown. Return the meat into the pan, add salt and spices, one third of the stock, put a lid on the pan and roast everything in the oven, adding more stock if necessary. When the meat is tender, remove it from the pan and keep it warm. Reduce the gravy to the thickness of sour cream. You might add the flour (I do not, as it should be thick enough with the vegetables mix), and add gradually remaining stock and sour cream. Cook the sauce well, then press it through a sieve, add salt and lemon juice or vinegar, if necessary. Slice the meat and serve with sauce, dumplings and cranberries.
Servings: 4 Approx. time: 90 min.
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Postby dzurisova » 30-Oct-06 15:44


I love svickova. Best wishes in cooking it. I've tried a few times and I just can't get it right. :(
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