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We have compiled a selection of books that cover the history of Prague and what is now the Czech Republic. The books on this page have topics than range from communist times to the present.  We have linked to, so you can read reviews and purchase the books online.

Communism and Velvet Revolution (1945-1989)

Captive University: The Sovietization of East German, Czech, and Polish Higher Education... The Prague Spring, 1968 The Prague Spring and its Aftermath: Czechoslovak Politics, 1968-1970
The Philosophy and Politics of Czech Dissidence from Patočka to Havel... Czechoslovakia:
The Velvet Revolution
and Beyond
The Magic Lantern:
The Revolution of '89 Witnessed in Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin and Prague
Successful Transformations: The Creation of Market Economies in Eastern Germany and the Czech Republic...    


Magic Prague Legends of Prague Golem: Legends of the Ghetto
of Prague
The Coasts of Bohemia
Golem Prague: A Cultural and Literary History (Cities of the Imagination) The Coasts of Bohemia
Dvorak in America: In Search of the World New Worlds of Dvorak
Dvořák in America:
In Search of the World
New Worlds of Dvořák: Searching in America for the Composer's Inner Life Talks With T.G. Masaryk

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