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Location Name Contact / Details
Calgary Irena Brychnacova irena.brychnacova at gmail dot com
CZECH your Czech with experienced native Czech teacher living in Canada
Montreal, Quebec Marie (Misha) Fuchs misaf at videotron dot ca
Montreal, Quebec Victor Vonka, M.Sc., Eng. info at beseda dot ca
tel. (450) 667-6702
I am teaching Czech language courses in BESEDA - Canadian Czech and Slovak Culture Centre in Montreal. All levels, in English and French. Tutoring and individual courses also available.
Ottawa, ON Misha mkerberova at gmail dot com
Vancouver, British Columbia Sandra Pikorova aspirio at aspiro dot eu
tel. skype:aspirio
Check Your Czech! Tutoring, online, for travelers, study materials, consultation
Winnipeg, Manitoba Michaela Sutkova michaelasutkova at shaw dot ca

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