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Czech tutors in the Czech Republic are listed below. Feel free to contact any of them directly by using the contact information they have provided.

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Location Name Contact / Details
Brno Adéla adel dot ober at seznam dot cz
University Student Offers Lessons of Czech (via English or Dutch)
Brno Dita dne at email dot cz
Czech tutor, teaching degree, lived in US
Brno Eva Bellová, MA bell at belingua dot cz
tel. (+420) 541 242 050
Teaching Czech through English, Spanish, Russian or French has been my profession and hobby for 45 years in various countries including 24 in UK.
Brno Iveta iveta.erbanova at centrum dot cz
Private lessons for English-speaking people.
Brno Jarmila Fictumova jarmila at fictumova dot cz
Brno Jiřina Nevosádová jirina at nevosad dot cz

University degree in Czech and English, experience
Brno Kristýna Hervertová
kristy.h at quick dot cz
tel. (+420) 602 852 885
Many years' practice, communicative method of teaching Czech at all levels
Brno Pavla Milerski pavla.milerski at email dot cz
tel. (+420) 777 820 590
Communicative lessons taught by an experienced Czech for Foreigners teacher who is a Czech native.
Brno Radka Uberhuberova RUberhuberova at seznam dot cz
(+420) 607 832 130
Teaching Czech using new direct method - teaching in Czech in Czech:-), but I also speak German, Russian and English.
Brno Svatava Pintzkerová learn dot czech at gmail dot com
Qualified and experienced teacher; Effective and interactive methods; Individual approach; Conversation, Grammar, Development of all language skills
Brno Veronika Hruskova ver dot hruskova at email dot cz
tel. (+420) 776 821 269

Lenka Maláníková

lenka.malanikova at centrum dot cz
Qualified and experienced teacher, native speaker offers Czech tuition for all ages and levels
Kopřivnice Andrea arame at seznam dot cz
University degree in Czech, a friendly and patient teacher. Please, feel free to contact me.
Kroměříž Magdaléna Koukalová MagdikX at seznam dot cz
Ostrava David Mertha mertha at centrum dot cz
Experienced young tutor teaching English (FCE, General, Legal) and Czech. Able to communicate in Korean, German and Danish.
Prague Alice Hinstova Gantt al_hinstova at yahoo dot com
tel. (+420) 775 691 186
A Native Czech will tutor you or your child the Czech language (vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, conversation). 5 year experience in the U.K. and U.S.
Prague Bohdan Bubák bohdanbubak at hotmail dot com
tel. (+420) 777 961 420
Musical features of the language (intonation, rhythm, stress, creating sounds) by former university teacher, now freelance composer and private teacher
Prague Dalibor d dot cernoch at email dot cz
Prague Daniela Klečková caniela at seznam dot cz
University degree in Czech and English, practice
Jana Geršáková janagersakova at seznam dot cz
Teaching through English, for individuals, groups and companies. I'm looking forward to you:o)
Jana Slavíková janaslav at gmail dot com


Jana Vernerová jvernerova at email dot cz
I am a professional teacher with a degree in Czech language.
Prague Jarmila Valková

r.r.r at centrum dot cz
tel. (+420) 777 243 112
Friendly, extremely patient teacher with 6-year experience in teaching students of all levels. Master's degree in Czech
Prague Josef Zemek zemkuv at seznam dot cz
Kateřina Moravcová katerina.moravcova at seznam dot cz
Prague Kateřina Šormová katerina dot sormova at gmail dot com
tel. 604 316 808
University degree in Czech, all levels of Czech, 8 years experience.
Prague Marika Kvitova kvita at cmail dot cz
tel. (+420) 607 249 967
I have lived in NY for seven years, speak english fluently. Experienced interpreter. I have references.
Prague Milada Honzikova (+420) 777 189 693
Czech Individual Courses. Professional Czech professor with 20+ years of career. 300 Kc/hour. Students' disccount. 50 mts from Starometske Namesti.
Prague Miroslav Kašpárek kasparekm at yahoo dot com
tel. (+420) 737 110 287
Enjoyable, interesting and effective courses for students of all levels from a friendly and understanding teacher.
Prague Oda odabrach at centrum dot cz
tel. (+420) 732 866 169
Hi, looking for a private teacher of Czech language? Individual methods, experience with teaching. Prague, 300CZK/h.
Prague PhDr. Tomas Lane tlane at seznam dot cz
tel. (+420) 605 709 569
Prague Radka Martinez radkafilip at centrum dot cz
Hi, I just moved from US, where taught Czech to diplomats. Do you want to have fun while learning Czech, please contact me.
Prague Simona Krausova dos at eminenc dot cz
tel. 222 729 296
Individual tuition Czech through English, Spanish, Russian. Since 1990.
Prague Tereza Stechová tereza82 at yahoo dot com
4-year experience in teaching individuals as well as small groups. Will provide all materials.
Prague Tomáš Novák to dot strnn at yahoo dot com
Prague Val Berzins val at aure dot com
tel. 731 228 539
Prague Zuzana Lanova tel. (+420) 777 337 309
Conversation, grammar and vocabulary classes through English, German or direct communicative teaching. Experience in London and Prague.
Rožnov pod Radhoštěm Hana Bellova hana at bellovi dot com
I lived in the USA for 8 years, where I earned a B.A. from the Univ. of Cincinnati. I now teach English at a high school in Roznov. My rate is 300/hr.
  Eva Svobodová aviceva at seznam dot cz
tel. (+420) 425 611 402
  Zuzana zuzana at artserve dot net
tel. (+420) 777 337 309
Czech conversation, grammar and vocabulary classes through English, German or direct.

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