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Czech tutors in the United Kingdom are listed below. Feel free to contact any of them directly by using the contact information they have provided.

- Tutors are listed alphabetically by location, then by name.
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Location Name Contact / Details
Belfast, Armagh Jakub Skrebsky jakub dot skrebsky at volny dot cz
qualified and experienced teacher
Belfast, Northern Ireland Petra Cvejnova petra dot cvejnova at seznam dot cz
Birmingham Marketa Novakova marketa dot novakova at hotmail dot com
tel. (+44) 784 019 9934
Bournemouth Klara Malinova MalinovaKlara at hotmail dot com
tel. (+44) 770 622 5929
Qualified, experienced teacher, native speaker offers one-to-one Czech tuition. All ages, all levels taught.
Cambridge, North Hertfordshire Mirka Davis mirkadavis at hotmail dot com
Czech native speaker, university qualified language teacher offers tuition at all levels.
Colchester, Essex Patrik Zoller paaatres at yahoo dot co dot uk
10 year experience in tutoring and teaching ( all age groups and levels ), professional interpreter
Douglas, Isle of Man Jana Blakemanova jankablakeman at gmail dot com
I am a native Czech speaker and a qualified English Language teacher.
Edinburgh, Scotland Lucie Voriskova lucisv at hotmail dot com
tel. 0792 983 9257
Qualified and experienced teacher with degree in English and Czech languages offers tuition for speakers at all levels.
Exeter, Devon Eva Sercombe eva dot sercombe at tiscali dot co dot uk
tel. 0139 243 0689
15 years of experience in tutoring & teaching of Czech Language, History & Literature for students of all levels.
Hastings, East Sussex Libor libore at volny dot cz
tel. 0771 713 8099
Trained linguist, reasonable price.
Lancashire Lolita Foley lolita dot foley at seznam dot cz
tel. 01706603479
I'm a native Czech. I can teach you vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation.
Leicestershire Vit Simral vit dot simral at gmail dot com
Tutoring available for all levels of students. Specialization in law, history and politics.
Liverpool Jan Nemec jan dot embassie at gmail dot com
tel. 07942542500
Native czech speaker offer tuition at all levels for conversational skills. Business and IT czech specialization (experience from bank and insurance co.)
London Alena Sunavska alena2001 at hotmail dot com
Quality Czech lessons in London. PhD in languages, native speaker, teaching qualifications, years of teaching experience, specializing in beginners and false beginners, excellent results.
London Bela Struzkova Bela dot Struzkova at seznam dot cz
tel. (+44) 778 933 4646
I have MA in English and Czech with Teaching Qualifications, wide experience, excellent references on request.
London Dagmar dagmar_holubova at yahoo dot co dot uk
tel. 0776 528 3778
Private Language Tuition in London, Experienced & Qualified Tutor, References are available on request
London David Holis holisd at gmail dot com
tel. 0779 070 1937
Czech teacher with 15 years of experience. Speaks also Dutch, French, German, Italian and Japanese.
London David Nermut dejvidnermut at yahoo dot co dot uk
tel. 0778 303 0450
Dear students, i'd like to help to everyone who wants to learn Czech language, children and adults, I am a nursery teacher. £10/hour. Thanks to all.
London Gabriela Ocenaskova, M.A. g dot ocenaskova at seznam dot cz
Rich experience in teaching Czech for Foreigners; M.A. in Czech lang. teaching; co-authored a textbook of Czech; tailor-made approach; as of Oct 2007
London Hana Glaserova tel. (+44) 798 111 8179
Native Czech offers one-to-one sessions for those who would like to improve their conversational skills or Czech grammar, business, or general Czech in all levels.
London Hana Klimova kackaproft at hotmail dot com
tel. (+44) 797 420 5025
Teacher of czech language and literature with 25 years experience
London Iva Simcakova

iva_simcak at hotmail dot com
tel. (+44) 779 269 7861
Czech tuition all levels by a qualified and experienced teacher.

London Jana Dankovicova

j dot dankovicova at ucl dot ac dot uk
tel. (+44) 779 543 4264
Native Czech experienced teacher offers tuition at all levels for conversational skills, Czech grammar, business, or general Czech and for specialized help with pronunciation.


Karolina Hardy karollina at tiscali dot co dot uk
London Kristian Cejka kristiancejka at
tel. (+44) 776 649 3371
Qualified Czech teacher teaching at one of London's schools. Wide range of lessons.
London Lucie Svobodova lussinta at yahoo dot com
tel. (+44) 0792 253 4016
Hi everyone you would like to learn or improve your Czech. I can offer you teaching the language at yours for about £5 - £10 per hour.
London Martin Beníšek martinbenisek at yahoo dot com
tel. 07858 896 272
Czech lessons in London. Native speaker, Master degree in teaching languages, teaching experience, available for all levels
London Michal Svoboda m.svoboda at yahoo dot com
tel. 0798 576 2730
Native Czech offers one-to-one sessions for those who'd like to improve their conversational skills or Czech grammar. AHOJ
London Michal Voldrich m dot voldrich at hotmail dot com
tel. (+44) 750 747 4863
Do not hesitate and start to learn Czech right now! Czech lessons in London. University qualified, experienced native speaker, available for all levels.
London Pavlina Denkova pavliden at hotmail dot com
tel. (+44) 770 723 0909
Experienced teacher all ages, degree in Czech, teach in well known Language School in London, excellent regerences.
London Petra Horejsi p.horejsi at sdcldn dot com
tel. (+44) 776 555 3491
I would like to teach Czech language in London.
London Veronika Kotkova veronikakotkova at hotmail dot co dot uk
tel. 0785 848 1597
London Zdenek Masek zdenek at masek dot wanadoo dot co dot uk
General, business and IT Czech
London-Walthamstow Zdenka Pavlickova zdena dot pavlickova at centrum dot cz
tel. 0799 972 9186
I am a teacher czech language and literatury for secundery school. I taught 22 years. Now I live in London.
Nottingham Marcela Imlaufova marcela dot czech at yahoo dot com
tel. 0784 050 9774
Company and private lessons, doing my best to meet your individual requirements, whether you want to learn Czech for business or for fun.
Oxford, Oxfordshire Barbora Voznicova voznicova dot b at seznam dot cz
Conversation, grammar, vocabulary. Privat lessons and lots of fun too...
Poole Milan Broz m dot broz at btinternet dot com
tel. 0791 490 9365
Czech tuition, conversation.
Sheffield Lubomir Klepac l.klepac at seznam dot cz
Thame, Oxford Petra Szczerbova petrasz at email dot cz
tel. 0774 813 4678
Friendly czech tuitions with a university qualified native speaker. 8 years of experience.

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