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The Netherlands

Czech tutors in the Netherlands are listed below. Feel free to contact any of them directly by using the contact information they have provided.

- Tutors are listed alphabetically by location, then by name.
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Location Name Contact / Details
Amsterdam Andrea Mullerova info at mullerova dot com
tel. +31614022236
Czech lessons for Dutch and foreign speakers provided by a qualified teacher, individual and group lessons on location, skype lessons possible!
Den Haag Hana Buresova matanga at seznam dot cz
tel. +31630696620
Qualified and experienced teacher offers tuition for all levels.
Hilversum Eva Zwemmer Tauerova tauerova at hotmail dot com
tel. 0031647572645
Czech for foreiners (Dutch + other nationalities)
Schiedam, Zuid Alena Sokolova info at tsjechisch dot tk
tel. +31616409966
I provide a high quality of private and coursses in czech language in the netherlands
Schiedam, ZH Alena - Taal Kantoor czechlanguage at gmail dot com
Utrecht Olga Sanderova olga dot sanderova at tiscali dot nl
Offers: tuition by a qualified language teacher; translation; interpreting
Zaandam Eric Bark ericbark at xs4all dot nl
tel. (+31) 75-6318410
Professional tutor for Dutch people

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