Darren Baker on My Czech Republic

A native of California, Darren has been living in Moravia since 1992. Not far, in fact, from the house where Freud was born (which, incidentally, is a massage parlor today). He'll be happy to give you directions.

Darren is the author of Trapasy, amusing articles (or fejetony in Czech) about life in the Czech Republic seen through the eyes of a foreigner. Trapasy originated as a weekly column for the Ostrava newspaper Nová Svoboda. We are happy to be able to bring them to you right here on My Czech Republic and hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

From April 2000 to November 2003, Darren wrote Aktuality, monthly news columns commenting on various Czech affairs.

You can also read Darren's review of the 2003 Czech film Pupendo.

Darren has also participated in the publishing of a series of language books and CDs entitled Zábavná výuka angličtiny, or Enjoy Learning English, which tries to do just that: Make learning English enjoyable. The first book offers five classic fairy tales, prepared and narrated by Darren. You can check out more about it at www.klaris.cz.

To get in touch with Darren, please go to this page.