What to See and Do in Karlovy Vary

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Sampling the Hot Springs

There are 15 thermal springs in Karlovy Vary (or 14 if you disregard the fact that one of them is classified as having a "lower" and "upper" part) and all of them can be sampled. The Vřídlo ("Hot Spring") is the hottest with the temperature of 73°C/163°F. About half of the other springs have a temperature around 60°C and the remaining ones are a bit cooler.

The curative mineral waters are traditionally sipped from special porcelain or glass cups with spouts. You can buy one easily in one of the many local shops. If you have not been instructed on the correct drinking procedure by a medical spa specialist, be careful and don't overdo your sampling. Remember that you should never drink alcohol or smoke while sipping the springs. It is also said that the best benefit of taking spa waters is achieved when combined with a slow walk. So get your cup, take a stroll and enjoy!

Sampling the Hot SpringsThe Vřídlo Hot Spring