The Art of Natalia Povalyaeva Read Natalia's essay on Prague

Natalia has been painting and drawing since the age of two. She studied at an art studio under the Belorussian artist Vasily Sumarev and has taken courses in sculpture and art history. Her pictures have been sold in many countries around the world, including the USA, France, Germany, Norway, Finland, and Italy.

We are happy to present some of Natalia's pictures for which she found inspiration on her numerous visits to Prague and travels around the Czech Republic. You are invited to visit Natalia's website to see more of her work, learn more about the artist, and to get in touch with her.

Christmas by Natalia Povalyaeva
A Street Scene by Natalia Povalyaeva
A Street Scene
Golem by Natalia Povalyaeva
Vinarna Dominik by Natalia Povalyaeva
Vinárna Dominik
A Street by Natalia Povalyaeva
A Street
The Angel of Pilsen by Natalia Povalyaeva
The Angel of Pilsen
Prague Cat by Natalia Povalyaeva
Prague Cat
Prague Summertime by Natalia Povalyaeva
Prague Summertime