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Guided Prague Walking Tours

Below is a list of guided tours of Prague that are either done fully on foot or combine walking with bus transport.

  The tour length is approximate and will depend on the traffic situation if a bus is used
price per person*
reduced prices for children and students
Apr. 1 - Oct. 31 Nov. 1 - Mar. 31
  Jewish Prague (2 ½ hours)
  Visit one of the most important Jewish heritage sites in Europe.
  On foot only. Live guide commentary.
850 CZK
(34 EUR / 45 USD)
850 CZK
(34 EUR / 45 USD)
  Prague - Historical City (2 hours)
  Get acquainted with Prague's major sights and districts on a two-hour tour.
  By bus (90 min.) and on foot (30 min.). Commentary through headphones.
390 CZK
(16 EUR / 21 USD)
390 CZK
(16 EUR / 21 USD)
  Grand City Tour of Prague (3 hours)
  See the best of Prague on an overview tour of the city and Prague Castle.
  By bus (90 min.) and on foot (120 min.). Live guide commentary.
600 CZK
(24 EUR / 32 USD)
650 CZK
(26 EUR / 34 USD)

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*The euro and dollar amounts are only approximate. The actual EUR/USD value depends on the current exchange rate. As a guideline, we used the rates 25 CZK/EUR and 19 CZK/USD.

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