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    If one relies on the transcription used on this site, Yami, a Formosan language (Taiwan), has the same ř as in Czech.
    Could some Czech person be so kind to listen to a couple of recordings and tell me if this is true?
  2. wer

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    Do you think this?

    9. /z/ is an alveolar trill [ř]. - source

    I heard the example

    ori-i, a imo am, ikong o vazay mo? (mp3) - source

    and to me, it sounds like

    urí ajmuam ikongu varajmu

    i.e. no Czech ř.
  3. mbm

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    I don't know about this particular language, but the ř sound is certainly not completely unique to Czech. For example Welsh has a sound, spelled rh, which in some dialects sounds exactly like the Czech unvoiced ř (as one hears it in "přece"). Here's a soundfile with the Welsh rh pronounced in this way. (Here's the page that links to the soundfile.)
  4. wer

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    Yes, this is definitely closer to Czech ř. To me it sounds rather as Czech (e.g. in hřeb), but the ř-sound is icluded.

    The ř-sound is also in some South American variants of Spanish.
  5. Qcumber

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    [I was away for a couple of weeks. Sorry for my silence.]
    Thanks a lot, Wer. So they just use the Czech letter, but it is not the Czech phoneme. I thought so.

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