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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by ondrejana, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. ondrejana

    ondrejana Well-Known Member

    Please help in completing some creative and novel ideas for travel in May. We arrive the day after Smetana's Ma Vlast opening for International Spring Festival, May 12.

    Anybody to help fill out this top 10 list, please?

    Much appreciation for those who began this lovely site,
    Jana and Ondrej
  2. Frenki01

    Frenki01 Member

    Ahoj Jana and Ondrej,

    I suppose that you're good prepared for your oncoming travel to Prague.
    There are a lot of nice and interesting places for a sojourn, so it's not easy to recommend a top 10 list.

    One of my greatest favourite is the Pruhonice park, which is located about 10km outside Prague towards to Brno.
    You will find there a quiet surroundings in a nice nature with many different flowers and trees.
    A walk through the botanical garden outside the tourism congestion is something special at all.

    Have a nice time in Prague!

    Frenki 8)
  3. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    I know this is not very original but I just love to stroll around Hradčany on a warm evening when it's quiet and you have the Zlatá ulička all to yourself. Well, maybe not after everyone reads this post... :wink:
  4. ondrejana

    ondrejana Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for everyone's personal input. I know that "top 10" can absolutely mean the simplest of pleasures, so please... keep them coming! 8 more (at the very least!) I honestly value all the varied perspectives coming from individuals with such rich and endearing relationships with Praha...

    God bless!
  5. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    You have to pay for visiting some locations of Prague Castle nowadays. Zlatá ulička is among them :(

    50 Kč - Zlatá ulička or bazilika sv. Jiří (St. Jiří's basilica)
    220 Kč - st. Vít's cathedral incl. tower, Starý královský palác (Old royal palace), Zlatá ulička/Daliborka
    350 Kč - St. Vít's cathedral incl. tower, Starý královský palác (Old royal palace), Zlatá ulička/Daliborka, bazilika sv. Jiří (St. Jiří's basilica), Prašná věž, Zlatá ulička/Daliborka + some preference or advantage in the Story of the Prague Castle exhibition.

    You'll get a 50% discount if you are university student, family, over 65, under 16, disabled, art-expert or a soldier of the Czech army up to sergeant :)

    The tickets are one-day.
  6. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    You don't have to pay after the area closes for the day. This includes Zlatá ulička, so you can enjoy it for free in the evening.
    (I'm really kicking myself for publicizing this. :wink: )
  7. Frenki01

    Frenki01 Member

    Ahoj Jana,

    your travel date is coming closer and not enough advocacies for your
    top 10 list. Maybe my next advise will help you a little.
    You will have an excellent view above Prague from the short Eifel tower in Petrin. Just a couple of steps to surmount.

    Maybe will see you in May in Prague.

    So long!

    Frenki 8)
  8. Joss

    Joss Active Member

    Hi Jana & Ondrej

    I think the walk to the top of Petrin is more than just a few steps but well worth it.

    Try a boat trip on the Vlatava, good fun, different views and always available.

    Just a note that my favourite place is away from Prague in Macocha where you can take a boat trip through the underground river from the bottom of the Macocha Gorge. The caverns are spectacular and beauiful. This is a good couple of hours away from Prague but so worth it.

  9. Lorenzo

    Lorenzo Well-Known Member

    Hi Jana,

    It's really hard to come up with a top 10 ten list of places to see in Prague as every corner holds something special we all perceive in our own peculiar way.
    I would recommend a visit to the Vrtbovská Zahrada (small entrance fee) on ulice Karmelistka in Malá Strana. It's a beautiful Baroque terrace garden and from its top you can enjoy an interesting view of the Prague Castle.
    Also, as you'll be staying in Zizkov, you could also pay a visit to the Olsanské Hrbitov which is located in the neighborhood. You can easily get there by metro (A line - Flora). I think it's Prague's oldest cemetery with graves, tombs and sepulchral monuments that date back to the 18th century. It's a picturesque place and it's always given me an eerie feeling to walk among those tombs adorned with the fine works of artisans wondering about the people who were buried there. This cemetery is surely worth a visit. I would go there in the early evening before sundown (and before it closes).
    I would definitely take Dana's advice and take a walk around the Castle, St. Vitus and on the Zlatá ulicka when there's only a few people around and, I'm sure, your breath will be taken away by the beautiful views over the city you can get from Hradcanské Námestí and from the top of the Staré Zamecké Schody (which you can reach from the Malostranská metro station).
    Not far from the Castle, down Loretánská to Loretánské Námestí (Loreta, Cernínsky Palac) you could take an evening stroll down Cernínská to the beautiful district of Novy Svet with its lovely narrow streets and old houses, which will give you the genuine feeling of being in a small village.

    Frenki, It would be nice if we could get together in Prague :D

  10. valinka

    valinka New Member

    Vysehrad is one of my favourite spots - so much to see: St Peter and Paul church, Libuse's Bath, Devil's column, Galerie Vysehrad and the wonderful view of theVltava, Leopold Gate, Rotunda of St Martin, Myslbek statues, Tabor gate - I could go on. So many legends associated with the place - well worth a visit - and it's within walking distance of Charles Bridge.
  11. ondrejana

    ondrejana Well-Known Member

    You guys are absolutely, hands-down WONDERFUL....

    I'm (typical) at the hospital, yet again.. and it's now almost 0400. All my children (patients) are stable and sleeping, and I thought to get on the website and check to see if my 'top 10' list is completed!

    this is just precious stuff... have a little notebook here and jotting it all down.

    Everyone, though the medium of email is difficult to express gratitude, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart....Praha is the birthplace of my husband and has such significance to his life. For me, one who has read extensively about Czech history, sites, and learning the language, I am amazed at the beauty and the wonder of the country. Cannot describe the joy inside of the two of us as we approach May.

    Did I forget to add that though we've been married for almost two years, and this first trip to Europe together is our honeymoon?

    I am such a lucky girl to have found this site. It's my adopted family in cyberspace.

  12. ondrejana

    ondrejana Well-Known Member

    I have forgotten to add one thing:

    We have a friend who works for the Praha Post, and he will be offering his house up to us, as he will be on assignment elsewhere during part of the time that we arrive.

    As he lives on the Labe reka, just tad bit (35 min. walk) northeast of the city, Ondra and I also plan to see Terezin, Litomerice, Kutna Hora, other places near Northern Bohemia.

    To that end, any recommendations about N. Bohemia?

    I am a nutcase about Czech culture! =P
    Love to all,
  13. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Hi Jana,

    I'm glad you're getting so many tips here and I must say that all the places people have recommended are great suggestions.

    I also wanted to make sure that you know about our Prague Sightseeing section where you can read about some of the areas that have been mentioned here. That section is far from complete but it may give you some ideas.

  14. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    I highly recommend bicycle tours of Český Ráj. I had so much fun biking through the narrow canyons and touring the region's castles. Paradise on Earth!

    By the way, while I was in Prague several years back, I picked up a CD of Má Vlast from the Prague Spring of 1990 conducted by Rafael Kubelík. I highly recommend that recording, if you can still find it.

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