1800's Czech Journal / Diary

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    Hello ,

    My name is Shannon and I have in my possession a very unusual book . It is binded in green velvet with a large brass or gold engraving in the middle . The pages are gold lined ( like a bible ) . There is a total of twelve handwritten entries in this book - along with one inscription page and one drawing ( unknown if its pre-printed or hand drawn ) . These twelve entries are all dated and signed - most of the entries ( about 8 ) have the words " Kral Vinohrady " next to the date and year. I have discovered this is the abbreviated name for " Kralovske Vinohrady " - Meaning Royal Vinohrady ( or Vineyards) . I suspect this book may have some connection the the Vinohrady Theatre . These twelve entries are written between the years 1893 ( the first one ) and 1909 ( the last one) . I believe these entries are written in Czech . I do have scans of all the entries if anyone would be interested in seeing them and perhaps helping me to find out what they are . I would appreciate any help . Thank you -
    Shannon Richardson - shannontwinn11@msn.com [/b]
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    What! Not a single answer in a month for this exciting document! I wonder how many Czechs visit this forum. :(
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    Well, I answered immediately by a private message and we solved the problem - it is a nice old scrapbook of a young Czech girl from Prague - Vinohrady.
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    Oh, :eek: , good, but I suppose I was not the only interested in reading an answer or was I?

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