2+kk available for rent in Cerna Pole , Brno

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    Flat is located in Cerna Pole, Volejnikova street. There is a big park with the playground in the front of the house. The flat is downstairs, you can use the garden, if you like.
    Flat is fully furnished, 40 square m ( 2 beds, 2 big wardrobes, tv, satellite+receiver, vcr, washing machine …. ) Kitchen is dotated with cooker with electrical oven, dish washer and big fridge with freezer, toaster, sandwich maker. You don’t need to buy anything because there are dishes, frying pans….everything you must have. In the bathroom there is a shower cabine. Heating is adjustable after your needs ( the heating system is in the flat ). Internet cable exists in the house, but you just need to make a new contract.

    Price: rent - 12 000 utilities included.
    You have to give 10 000 czk at the beginning as deposit.
    No agency fees!
    The flat is for 2 persons but there is enough space for 3 also.

    Available from 15’th October.

    Connection to IBM :
    - tram number 11 to Ceska -> tram number 12 or 13 to Cervinkova ( about 25 minutes )
    - tram number 9 to Hlavni nadrazi -> tram number 12 or 13 to Cervinkova ( more than 25 minutes )

    Only 3 minutes with tram nr. 9 to Interspar and 9 minutes to Tesco ( Uzka ).
    Tram station is located less than 1 minute from the house.

    If you are interested, contact me at nr: 775395769 or email me.

    For pictures, pm me
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    Hi, in response to your flat Deljia,

    I am interested, but you haven't left an email address.
    Can you send photos to pharoah_56@hotmail.com, please.
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    You can also use the PM (Private Message) feature here on MyCzechRepublic. It's better not to post your full e-mail address as spammers continually mine websites for e-mail addresses to spam. If you need to post an e-mail address, spell out @ as "at" and . as "dot."
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    Can you pls tell me the availablity of the flat now? Also can you pls share some photos of the apartment if possible?

    Thanks in Advance

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