2 weeks in prague, a waste of money?

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by emberrrrr, May 29, 2005.

  1. emberrrrr

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    hi guys, a very superb website, really learnt a lot here.. i will be going to prague for christmas this year and i will be travelling alone. my aim is to experience life in prague and so i would like my travel to be slow pace and i would rather get to know more people in prague rather than going and tour around eastern europe..

    my friends felt that if i were to stay in prague for two weeks, it will be a waste of money and they feel i should move around more.. i am not sure how i should go about doing this.. but prague seems to be a really beautiful place and i don't see how i will be 'wasting' my money if i were to stay there for two weeks.. any comments? heh.
  2. magan

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    I too would suggest longer, if you can do it. If you are organised, in two weeks you would have time for leasure walk through historical and other interesting places in Prague, but I don't think you could "experience" life there. Longer is better. Overall, I would have to agree with your friends.

    On other hand, if you cannot come for longer period of time, consider your two week visit as a "sample" of what you can experience in the future. Most people have really good and interesting time and lots of them come back for longer...viz people on this Board. You friends are saying that you may as well start with longer in the first place.

    Also, if your flight is overseas flight, you have to count on having jet lag on your arrival and thus losing first energy full day.

    Another note, EVERYTHING takes loooooonger in Cz. Buying tickets, finding out info, travelling (except on Metro) so you have to calculate that into your plans. If your accommodation is further from centre, you also have to consider that you will need some travelling from and to the surburbs.

    All in all, if you can find reasonable accommodation I would suggest on staying longer. That will also allow time for meeting new people which you would hardly have in two week visit.
  3. emberrrrr

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    hi magan, thanks for your reply.. it's really expensive in europe.. considering the fact that i come from singapore and the exchange for euro is about 2.2, haha.. and so far, the reasonably comfortable accomodation is at about 2500 crowns.. maybe i am looking at the wrong places.. i would like to stay in the old town because when i am resting i want to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life.. ahhhh.. i am just so confused!!
  4. emberrrrr

    emberrrrr Guest

    actually, i just want a place which is clean, has private bathroom, smoking room and a nice view. that's all.. hehe..
  5. magan

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    Quote:" i would like to stay in the old town because when i am resting i want to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life.. "

    Old Town is part of the Prague where EVERYBODY goes. That is the main reason why they are there. BUT I would certainly recommend strongly that you find accommodation there as you don't have enough time to commute from surburbs.

    When exchanging money you have to get Czech Kc not Euro. They use Czech currency. If you get Euro, you will have to exchange again and pay double exchange charge.

    Where is your accommodatiof for 2500 Kc/night? It is rather steep and I am 100% sure that anyone on this Board who stays longer is NOT paying this much. BUT, but it depends what are you looking for. What is your age...expectations... I have been in Singapore and can give you few example. YMCA in Singapore is on the level of very good new hotel in Prague. If you are looking for something less posh, you can explore private room possibility in Hostels. I think it would help a lot if you study op on info on this Board, read what people here are talking about. They all stayed somewhere. There are private rooms/apartments to rent, perhaps even something to share with one of the people on the Board here who are living in Prague.

    I wish I can offer you something, but I am in process of buying apartment and rules are such that I cannot lend it to anyone. Perhaps someone reads your message and can come with some suggestion.

    As I said above. Search messages on this Board and even ask privately if you read something what would be of your interest.

    Say "Hello" to your lovely Sinpagore. You have THE best airport in the world, lovely people and we had very interesting and pleasant stay.
  6. GFous

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    I just returned from ten days in Prague and indeed it was too short. I suggest staying oin a place that is on or near the tram line. You then can get any where very easily and very cheap. ( A week long ticket is onoy 10USD.

    If you can get a good place for 2500 a night that would be about $106USD a night. I spent much more.

  7. emberrrrr

    emberrrrr Guest

    hmmmm... i am 22, female and thanks for the compliment. i think our airport is very nice too.. haha.. i supposed i read in this website that 'old town' is quieter than the 'new town' and still accessible maybe thats why i am under the impression that it's not crazy. i am arriving on 20 dec and will be there til 3rd of jan. some of the private rooms for hostels are closed from christmas eve to 26th!! and they only have double rooms with pte showers or a few more beds.. if only my friends are coming with me! that will make things easier. i am setting aside 70000 cr for this trip .. hmm.

    i dont think i will do much shopping.. not that type.. will probably spend on food and entertainment.. 1400 cr SHOULD be enough for 1 day? so that will be 19600 cr in total. and 16800 cr for air ticket. so i suppose i will still have 33600 for accomodation..

    are there any 3* hotels which cost 2100-2400 cr a day? so sorry for asking so many questions.. :/
  8. emberrrrr

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    hi G,

    oh so transportation is not very expensive there huh. that's great because it was one of my concerns as well.. thanks alot, i will check the website for the tram lines and study more into it. =)
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  10. sunflower

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    Hi emberrrrr!
    Well, it's of cause very good to travel all over the Czech Rep., but I can say you that to spend in Prague even a year or more will not a waste of money for sure!
  11. emberrrrr

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    hi sunflower.. hahah.. thank you for the reassurance, i am sure i'll enjoy myself tremendously too! all that is left are the preparations for the trip!

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