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  1. Frank_pivo_4

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  2. To Tall

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    just some share programs you can use, only thats iligal :D

    you can also contact Ceska Televize http://www.czech-tv.cz/

    and ask if thay can ship the movies.
  3. Frank_pivo_4

    Frank_pivo_4 Well-Known Member

  4. To Tall

    To Tall Member

    u can use e-mule. there some czech movies on the donkey network.
  5. Frank_pivo_4

    Frank_pivo_4 Well-Known Member

  6. Acheron

    Acheron Active Member

    the best is dc++, if you connect to a czech hub there you will have plenty of czech users (hundreds and more on each czech hub) to search and download from but you have to share aswell

    you can get there everything from music to movies, books etc ...

    i even got the whole "Návštěvníci" popular scifi serie from it ! (filmed in 1981-82)
  7. egli

    egli New Member

    Very good is Czech & Slovak Torrent Tracker:

    http://torrent.helevole.com - you have to register there

    It's a BitTorrent tracker specialized on Czech & Slovak films, music, books etc.
  8. To Tall

    To Tall Member

    Cool Agli...

    I am an Torrent user, so I will try it for some music...
  9. scotty_84116

    scotty_84116 Member

    :I would like to find a DVD or Video of Sest Medvedu s Cibulkou.
  10. Tomanka

    Tomanka Member

    hi everyone,
    I'm trying to find Noc na Karlštejně. Do you have some suggestions? I tryed to get to torrent pages, but no luck so far.
    I would even be grateful for some info about czech movies on DVD in american format.

  11. scotty_84116

    scotty_84116 Member

    I have some dvd's
  12. scotty_84116

    scotty_84116 Member

    I have a few Czech films US mode. I am looking for movie script.
  13. sayagin

    sayagin New Member

    hello i'm from poland and i'm looking for 2 movies and i can't find it enywhere :( these are : Terminator (1&2) and Titanic with Czech dubbing , please enybody ! if you have it,please contact me dennis20@o2.pl thank you (DVD or DivX)
  14. LENIN

    LENIN New Member

    Hello, looking torrent link for czech movie. Enybody?
  15. Marci

    Marci Member

    Hi, I'm Marci. I live in CA and I have some Czech movies on DVDs. Among them is Noc na Karlstejne. It's in NTSC format in Czech. I'd like to exchange some movies with everybody. I have Angelika all movies, Fantomas, Tri orisky pro popelku, Vinnetou, Adela jeste Nevecerela..... and more. :D
  16. MazZ

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  17. gementricxs

    gementricxs Well-Known Member

    You can try this tracker, but unfortunately it's private tracker.
  18. Tamara

    Tamara Member

    Hi everyone- you can buy great czech movies on the following site www.slovczechvar.sk. They have all the great movies.
  19. sayagin

    sayagin New Member

    :/ i don't wanna buy , i don't have money 4 that , i want download something :)

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