23 female moving to Prague in 05

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by aubrey81, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. aubrey81

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    Hello Everyone.
    My name is Aubrey, 5'3, blondish/ red hair.... blue eyes. I am 23 and moving to Prague. I live in FL, USA, and i cannot wait till I move. I have heard nothing but Great things. My bestfriend moved there to teach english, and he has convinced me to do the same. I love CZ already. I would like to talk to others who live there, to hear what they have to say! please e-mail me at Aubreyhardaway@yahoo.com
    Have a great day babes and Gents
  2. aubrey81

    aubrey81 New Member

    ok people......42 viewed this.....nobody replied...where is everyone?
  3. p3_141597i

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    Sorry you aren't getting replies, what would you like to know, I lived there back in 2000 for a year as an exchange student. I plan on moving back there myself in 2006, hopefully permanent. I lived on the "East side" but from what I can tell you Prague is a nice place, little more expensive than normal, and like you've probably heard you might have to live on a lesser budget than normal, but if you will be a student at charles and getting a dorm there than you'll probably have no problem living there for cheap. Um, if you have time it is probably a good idea to get some euro pass for the train and travel around a bit during your free time. If you have any other questions just let me know. have a nice day

  4. silverkinguk

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    Just give me an email and I will tell you about Prague.

    Sam :)
  5. coachwillits

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    :shock: Well I am one of the 42 :? I am looking into teaching in Prague...any help for someone like myself?
  6. garc366

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    Visited Prague this summer with my Czech wife and 2 month old baby girl. Prague is so beautiful that I tried to get a job and stay for good. This plan made my wife so very happy. But of course this dream will have to wait. I cannot speak the language yet, though in 5 years we will be there for good. What I loved most was that the country was so close to the city, about a 30 min drive to the country side which brings you back 50 years.

  7. coachwillits

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    Just wondering if you have made it there yet? If so how are things going? Where are you taking your TELF? Is it what you thought it would be? Keep me/us posted please.

    JOHNNY Member

    Best of luck. Lucky Girl
  9. vanleersum

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    Allready found a teaching job? Have you ever been in Prague? Wonder how you allready felt in love that quickly...

    As I posted earlier, it will help if you have your immigration stuff arranged in time. It will be very time consuming and as I experienced: with no paperwork, you cant have a phone, internet, etc, etc. So if you want it to go smoothly (as possible) be prepared!


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