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Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by tDejillo, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. tDejillo

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    I am a 28-year-old female in Los Angeles who is in the process of planning a move to Prague this summer (hopefully by July)! Just looking to meet some Prague residents who may have some friendly advice or interesting stories to share with me. :)

    And if anyone wants to know about LA and Hollywood, I'd love to share any of my stories with you, too. :)

    I'm so excited about my move...and hope to be in the beautiful city soon.

    Thanks again!
  2. evian

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    Lucky you.... :D
    Moving permanently??
  3. tDejillo

    tDejillo New Member

    If all goes well, once I'm in Prague, I won't be returning to the US for a while...! :)


    JOHNNY Member

    Best of luck out there. Let me know how it goes - I am from Sunset Beach (below you in SoCal) and am curious how the place is to someone like me.
  5. vanleersum

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    What will you be doing in Prague? Do you allready have a job or do you come to find a job?

    I am just here for about two months now. It will help if you have your immigration stuff arranged in time. It will be very time consuming and as I experienced: with no paperwork, you cant have a phone, internet, etc, etc. So if you want it to go smoothly (as possible) be prepared!

    Things are not really like home - but I am starting to like it!

    If you have any start up questions, just drop a line to this fresh newbie...

  6. destra

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    I am 28 years old female who was born in Prague, lived there for 25 years and now just a couple of months ago moved to Los Angeles.
    I would love to tell you about Prague as much as I could, all the little things (like be aware of cab-drivers who are quite a thiefs when a foreigner gets in their cars) and all the big things (like where to found a special cross placed on Charles Bridge, that makes your dreams come true when you touch it -proved! I did it tens times and it always worked).
    I would be happy if you could tell me something about LA, maybe show me around, have a coffee, one day... My name is Denisa and I live with my boyfriend on Pico/Beverly drive.
  7. Declos

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    Ahoj Deniso.
    Seems like you know the place well after 25 years. I'm intrigued about the cross on Karlovy Most, 10 dreams, 10 successes?
    The taxis aren't so bad if you call them up rather than hail one off the streets and ideally meet and greet them in Cesky, differentiates residents from tourists and they are more likely to keep the meter on Tariff 1/2.
    There are now many great places for going out, excellent eating and bars etc. still well priced if you stay away from tourist zone. Also, the whole of Bohemia and Moravia are to be explored for their complementary beauty to Prague.
    What stories or advice were you hoping to get about this wonderful place to live? It's an authentic DisneyLand for Europeans.
    ..and where were you for the 3 years between Prague and LA?
    European living in Prague for 18mths now..

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