5.7. and 6.7. Sokolsky Slet

Discussion in 'Culture' started by magan, May 26, 2006.

  1. magan

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    For those who are in Prague at this time, it would be unique experience to view the show on Strahov Stadion. 200 Kc/ticket/day. These are popular (large) group excercise to music shows organized every 6 years. These shows were even in existence under Communist government and they were called Spartakiada.

    Czechs (in schools and in gyms) and also Czechs in all parts of the World were practicing for year and are coming to participate.

    I. program from 21 p.m. on 5.7. , II program from 14 p.m. on 6.7. There are different shows each day. Each day includes cca 12 numbers. Age of participants in different numbers are from parents and their small children, preschoolers.....teens..... up to seniors.

    Unique experience for anyone who is Prague in June.

    I didn't buy tickets yet, but I planning to go. If anyone wants to join me, you are welcome to contact me and we can go in group......to make it easier for you who are not familiar with location or who are here alone.
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    Ahoj Magan .... I am coming from St. Louis, MO, USA to attend the Sokol Slet this year. I kicked my self for not coming to be part of it in 1994. I have been planning this trip for a year when I first heard it was going to be in Praha this year. Sokol St. Louis is the birth place of Sokol in the USA that was established in 1865, three years after it was founded in Praha. I am proud to be a 4th generation of the organization. I was so looking forward to taking part of the program, but after running into some knee problems and just recooping from knee surgery, I will just be a spectator. It will be a sight to be seen ....

    Nazdar ... Peggy Anne
  3. magan

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    Peggy Anne,
    I hope you have a great time. It will probably bring "tear to your eye" like it does to many Czechs who return to CR for this spectacle. This is somehing that even Communist coudn't stop all those years, so, decided to re-name it and encourage it. Participation used to be huge - all schools etc. and in schools there was practically no choice, but to participate. Unfortunately, thanks to that, Czechs, who don't know that Slet was here way before Communists, are rather lukewarm to it. It surprises me when talking to my local Czech friends, because in my eyes it would be great show of national pride.

    I will be going this Thursday to see pre-show training of few local groups together in some large gym and then on June 1 to stadium where most of the participants will be getting together to do show before general public show. It is quite possible that people from USA will be there to participate already.

    I would be inerested in how USA have their trip planned and when they get together to practice with participants from CR and other countries. It is amazing just to think that all those people were practicing their numbers and will join in huge mass together.

    If you can, get in touch with me through PM.

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