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    That is correct - no euros - only Czech Crowns

    Just take your Bank Debit card with you and get money out of an ATM (Bancomat) - you will get the best exchange rate that way - be wary of money exchangers (they will give you a good rate with a terrible commission or a terrible rate with a low commission - either way, you lose). Don't exchange money with anyone who offers to do so on the street - you will get screwed and perhaps even end up with Bulgarian or fake notes.

    As for pivo (beer), try to avoid trendy, touristy places in Old Town - you will pay dearly for the "privilege" of drinking with a lot of other tourists.
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    thanks mate you have been very helpful :D
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    You're welcome - hope you guys have a terrific time in Prague (I know you will, can't help but do so) :D
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    That's some good stuff, Ark1tec (except for the "cover your car with velvet" part :)). Just a note on Moravian wine: There are SOME Moravian wines that are very good. Lots of them are mediocre, which I understand is partially due to this country's climate and soil quality. It's good to know the names of some of the better wineries or have a knowledgeable sommelier point them out to you.

    You can pay in euros in some places but you certainly won't get the best exchange rate that way. Go by what Glenn says.

    You may also want to skim these pages:
    Tips on Staying Safe in Prague
    Czech Money Tips for Travelers
    Three Days in Prague - probably not quite your pinta bitta though
    Wenceslas Square - since you're staying there

    BTW, I don't get my beer on Wenceslas Square (who does?) but I hear that it can go for 90+ Kč there. Some other obvious Prague tourist traps are the Old Town Square, Na Příkopě Street, the areas around Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, Pařížská Street... I wouldn't get my beer there either.
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    Here's hoping you will be good ambassadors for your home country, unlike a lot of others, who are an embarrassment to fellow nationals.

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