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  1. Calvario

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    Still finishing off inserting correct form of který or jaký

    6 JAKÉ chyby děláte? Gramatické.
    What kinds of mistakes are you making. Grammatical.

    Is gramatické in the feminine plural accusative here?

    7 JAKÝ máte problém? Jen takový malý.
    What kind of problem are you making. Only a small one.

    8 V KTERÉM ústavu pracuje pan doktor Štěpánek?
    In which institute does Dr. Štěpánek work?

    9 KTERÉ slovo znamená "velmi"? Tohle.
    Which word means "very"? This one.

    10 Na KTERÉ univerzitě studujete?
    In which university doe he study?

    Thank you,
  2. Wicker808

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    To me it looks almost perfect. But the English translation for sentence 7 should be "What kind of problem do you have?" And, the last sentence should be translated into English as "In which university do YOU (formal) study?" In question 6, yes, the word "gramatické" it feminine plural accusative, agreeing with "chyby." Good job.
  3. Calvario

    Calvario Well-Known Member

    Thank you, I do see what I did wrong. Appreciate your help.
  4. scrimshaw

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    hey Calvario
    Which study book are you using?
    I am not familiar with those exercises.
    I will trade dialogues from the books with you.
    Tell me about what lesson you are on and I will send you that dialogue from my book.

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