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    As I am learning Czech, I noticed a few things that might help those who are learning English. If others can find better ways of explaining these things, please feel free to assist me. If you find exceptions to these rules, please let me know, and I will try to explain them.

    Although you put a comma before ze in Czech, English speakers almost never put a comma before "that" in English (I can't think of a time when we do). We also tend to pause just a little when we are speaking and we come to a comma. I know that this is not done in Czech.

    The word "the" is used when you are specifically pointing something out, but not with city, state, or country names.

    Examples: The boat is in the garage.
    I am going to the city.
    I am going to Chicago.
    I love concerts. (General)
    I loved the concert. (Specifically that concert)
    I will be visiting France.
    It happened in Paris.
    I don't like pastries. (General)
    I don't like the pastries she cooks. (Specifically those pastries)

    "The" is used with nouns, but never with verbs.

    I like the painting. (noun, specific)
    I like painting. (verb)
    I like paintings. (noun, general)


    When you are trying to pronounce a word, and English speakers don't understand you, the problem is often the accenting. If we put the accent on the 2nd and 4th syllables and you are putting it on the 1st and 3rd, we will often have trouble understanding you. Unfortunately English speakers won't think to change the accenting in what you are saying. If you can change the accenting in a word that is not being understood, you may have better success, or at least trigger your listener to try other accenting patterns.

    Czech words always accent the first syllable, so this is probably what you will naturally do to English words.

    I'm sorry English can be so challenging. Feel free to ask questions.
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    [/quote]I'm sorry English can be so challenging. Feel free to ask questions.

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