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    Hello Everyone,

    can somebody tell me specifically where the wonderful movie A Knight´s Tale with Heath Ledger was filmed in the Czech republic? I know about the Studio but I wondered about the external shots, like the Training Sequence in the forrest, the little river, the Chaucer nude Scene or the location of the jousting arenas.

    Can you help me? Do you know someone who was there?

    Please do wirte! Thankx.

    If you disscused this before maybe someone has a link.

    Best Whishes
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    The jousting scenes were filmed on the grounds of Barrandov Studios in Prague 5.

    I think, but am not 100% sure, that some scenes were filmed on the grounds of Kunraticky zamek in Prague 4. I know that for a long time Barrandov had a medieval town set up in the courtyard there, but am not sure if they used it for Knight's Tale or not. Definitely used in other movies that I of course cannot name off the top of my head. It's now been renovated into office space, restaurants and shops :)

    I actually met Heath on the Barrandov set there the day they were filming the big lurve scene, so things were a little nervous :) My father in law made the big round gold plates used as jousting trophies in the film, so he was able to get me on to the set.

    Don't know about the rest, sorry....!

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