?Address of best place in Prague for English text magazines

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  1. :) Hi eveyone, We are on a day trip tomorrow from here (Brno) to Prague and I would love to find a shop there where I can purchase some English Magazines. Would anyone know of such a place? Havent been able to find any in Brno yet. Kind regards from Deb[/b]
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    Most newspaper stands in center of Prague sell English magazines.

    There is specialized shop "World Press" at Jungmannova 5 (map)

    Neoluxor on Wenceslav square (the biggest bookshop in central Europe) has magazine department, too. (map)
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    I found Neoluxor by accident on my last trip - wandered in just to buy a calendar, ended up spending two hours there and buying an armload of books - what a great place!
  4. Thanks for your posted replies and advice :D Rich and I had a great day up in the "big smoke" even though it was around 32 degrees celsius! Found some magazines. We noticed something a little different since our last visit 2 years ago - the market stalls that used to be directly in the old town square have moved into a side street. We were looking for Czech- made wooden toys which we found plenty. What we also found was that the majority of the sellers around the market stalls and in the small shops adjacent to them were definitely not Czechs but seemed to be of Russian or other country nationalities. It was quite noticable when Rich (Czech born) spoke to them in fluent Czech and they couldnt answer him back in Czech! They did a better job speaking in broken English! Lots and lots of the Russian dolls for sale there too. When we were there buying 2 years ago, it was not that noticable so we are assuming that a rather large shift in stall ownership/leasing has occured! Real pity :( :roll:
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    It is a shame. The rumor is that the Russian mob has moved in to the Old Town shops.
  6. That is what we hear too :( I hope that the Czech government can wake up from their sleep in time to put some control on the movement of undesirable "business groups" into their country. Since coming to live here, I see a certain "shyness" still in the local people (not migrants) about standing up and saying what they really feel or want to happen here. It comes across as politeness at first, but after a while it reads too much like "we are conditioned to do this from the old regime and we are still doing it just because it is!" I heard a woman behind a serving counter state that she couldnt question something with her supervisor as she considered herself "too small"!!!! It is sad because if nothing is done soon, the Russians will move into Brno just like the Vietnamese have done already. We had a look around the main street shops a week ago and couldnt find one shop selling Russian dolls! :D I wonder what it will be like in one years time? :cry:

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