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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by JMoore, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. JMoore

    JMoore New Member

    I am an Arizonan, moving to Czech with my three children. My dilemma is that all the English-speaking schools I looked into are terribly expensive. Does anyone out there have any thoughts or opinions on schools for American kids?
  2. Yerusalyim

    Yerusalyim Well-Known Member

    How old are the children. It's sometimes possible to give the children a basic education in Czech and then send them to the Czech school. I've seen this done in Germany a number of times. Otherwise, yes, the English speaking schools are expensive. There are always the Computer based HomeSchooling options.
  3. JMoore

    JMoore New Member

    Thanks for your input! They are 16, 13, and 9. I had heard that there are English-speaking public schools, so I am looking for info on those, as well. Yes, we may have to go the online route...
  4. DaveUK

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    Hi there. I've just been reading your posts. I moved here from the UK 6 months ago with my Czech wife and baby son. I work for an international company. Many of my foriegn work mates also have there family here with them. All the kids attend a international English school in Ostrava. The rates are very good, and the school provides a varied and comprehansive programe for the children. If you would like to know more I could get the details for you. Good luck.


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