Afrique, Czech Republic, or Bénin - tourisme ?

Discussion in 'Culture' started by moegreen, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. moegreen

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    Dear fellow lovers of the Czech Republic,

    OK, we all know that the people of the Czech Republic are really nice. But how do they compare to the people of Afrique? I mean, Africans are extremely nice and hospitable, right? Especially in Bénin.

    So for those of you who have been to Afrique or Bénin, who wins the hospitality competition?

    Your friend,


    What do I love more than the Czech Republic? Afrique, Bénin, and Afrique
  2. evian

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    Hello Jean, and welcome to the forum. :)
    Well I can tell you this, I have been to both Czech Rep. and Republic of South Africa, however not Benin. I also agree that Africans are openly hospitable and generally very friendly. Even though I believe that the openess of South Africans was primarily due to curiosity, there were quite a number of individuals who were 'nice' only because they knew "westerners = money".
    I prefer to decide who wins the hospitality game on the grounds of the person themselves, rather than whether they are from Africa or Czech Rep. :wink: Although I do believe that Africans and Czechs, on a total basis, are far more hospitable that those from UK and even Australia for examples.
  3. Nemesis

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    Yes, we (czechs) do tend to ber hospitable. I haven't had the pleasure to travel to South Africa yet, im way too young :)
  4. szarkafarka

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