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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by georgiocz, Mar 4, 2004.

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    Nemluvím cesky zdrá. I dont speak czech well. Dovolte mi, abych se predstavil. let me introduce myself. Jmenuji se Jirí. My name is George. Jsem z California. I am from California. mám ale s Praha do duben. i come to Praha in April. jedu do ucit anglický. I am going to teach english. Hledam prima kluka na pratelstvi. I am looking for guys to be friends with. děkuji, naschledanou. Thanks, talk to you soon! Jiri
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    Hey George! This is Paul, I live in Missouri right now, but I'm moving back to Czech in September. I went to school in Olomouc for one year. I will be going back for a full 4 years of college. I will major in English Education and Linguistics. Make sure you get to Czech before Velikonoce!

    P.S. What got you interested in Czech? I'm just wondering. I like to know why Americans decide to go...

    it can't be our great president that's turning us off....
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    Way cool Paul. Then you will be in CZ this September! Party Party! Where will you attend school? I will go to become certified to teach english as a foreign language and then teach english and sport at a private secondary school outside of Prague. Very excited for the change. Yes, I suppose W. has something to do with the move. Just graduated university, and cant seem to find the right job for me, so I will go adventure for a while. You are American? You tell me why youre heading over there... I suppose everyones interests are different. I love language, and speak French and German, so looking to broadening my linguistic ability.

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