Ahoj! Ja jsem japonka.

Discussion in 'Culture' started by lazyintokyo, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. lazyintokyo

    lazyintokyo New Member

    I will visit Prague in September and it will be my first time.
    Will you tell me the place, activities, local food, drinks...anything that you think that I should no miss?
    What is your favorite thing to do on weekends?

    Thank you for reading. :D

  2. Karel

    Karel Well-Known Member

    Hi Keiko,

    I`m afraid you`ve asked too many broad questions. Most of the answers to your questions can be found by way of browsing the boards or the home page of myczechrepublic.com. If it weren`t enough, ask more specifically here. :D

    Oh, what do I like doing on weekends? Sleeping late. :D

  3. lazyintokyo

    lazyintokyo New Member

    Thank you very much for your kind reply, Karel.
    Yes, you are right...my question is kind of vague and difficult to answer :roll:

    Well, I will have some sightseeing tours just like most tourists do.
    Farther more, I would love to feel the real life of Czech people, such as...

    - where are popular places couples go for date?
    - where do you take your family for summer holidays?
    - what is popular food for lunch?
    - is fortune-telling popular? if so, what type of?



    I like sleeping late, too.
    But I am sure I will be too excited to sleep in during my stay in Prague(lol)
  4. Karel

    Karel Well-Known Member

    Hi Keiko,

    Dating places in the CR. This, I believe, varies from individual to individual, but cinemas, coffee bars, gyms, clubs, actually anything that takes your fancy, I reckon.

    Summer holidays. When Czechs travel abroad they head for Italy, Croatia and Slovakia, as these are the most favourite destinations nowadays. When within the CR, Southern Bohemia is probably one of the most favourite places where the Czechs unwind.

    I once heard someone say on the radio that we are a nation of cottagers, which I think is a very apt description. It`s been sort of customary for the Czechs to have a little cottage in the country where you would spend your weekends, and thus escape the hustle and bustle of the city/town you live and work in. Lots of people who own such little residences while away their summers being there throughout.

    Popular lunch. I wouldn`t say that Czechs are very particular about t their lunch meals. It`s not uncommon to have cold lunch such a cob or bread roll with potato/whatever salad. You must definitely try "chlebicek", a small slice of bread with butter,ham, egg, pickle. Lots of different kinds. I`ve given just one example. There`s a poll on the most favourite Czech dish on the very boards.

    Fortune-telling, superstions. Unlike in Japan or China where number 4 means death, and is therefore unlucky, the Czech unlucky number is 13 (the Christian world). When you add Friday to it, I mean when they coincide, lots of people get scared stiff. preparing themselves for the worst :D . Number 7 is lucky. Number 9 is, unless I`m mistaken associated with God, while 6 with the devil. By putting them side by side, 69, I think it gives a clue why these numbers have been chosen to represent the two extremes, Good and Evil. If I were to make a comparison of how the superstitious Czechs feel on 13th with the superstitious Japanese, it would be akin to the fear of the unluckiest day in the six-day Buddist cycle, that is, 仏滅

    I`ve never been taken in by a sorcerer or a fortune-teller, but those who have done, had their fortunes told from cards, coffee beans etc. The 12 Zodiac signs, best understood by mighty astrologers, are probably the most common source of titbits of future for the superstitious. Some people wouldn`t date a person whose sign isn`t in balance with the sign of theirs. Very similar to the Japanese blood-type superstition. To be honest, I hate it when I meet someone for the first time and s/he asks me "what is your blood type?". (Dunno, and if I knew I wouldn`t tell.). Lots of Czechs don`t know their blood type really. Another superstition hit my mind, a black cat crossing your way is supposed to bring you bad luck.Some people go back or find another way altogether.

    I hope this is of some mild interest.


    PS I also hope the CR lives up to your expectations. Good luck! :D
  5. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    Parks, and nature generally, are also widely used.

    All that is true, I would just add Spain, especially the Balear isles (Mallorca, Ibiza,...) and maybe Greece. For the domestic touristics, mountain hikes (Krkonoše, Jeseníky, Šumava) are quite popular.

    13 and 7 - I agree.
    But I think that 69 is rather recognized as a symbol for a certain, er, position than a Good-Evil representation. Also, 6 is quite innocent number, it is 666 what is considered evil. No number for God, afaik. I mean, Karel may be right, but most Czechs do not associate anything with 6 or 9.
  6. Ruzete

    Ruzete Well-Known Member

    Actually 7 is the number associated with God, because thats how many days it took him to create the world.
  7. Karel

    Karel Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone :D

    Halef, I was going to mention the diabolical position 69, but later refrained from it. I didn`t want to make myself look too heretical. But now that you`ve taken the plunge, I`d better join your club. :D

    Ruzete, thanks for setting me right. To tell the truth, I`d been aware of why 7 is the lucky number. However, being born on 9th, the God association with that number has been with me in a way. That`s what I was told on many occasions, and the number was really to contrast 6. Old wives` tales then. :D And if you add Aquarius to it, then you get a formidable combination. When I read some books on astrology, there was no better period of time for being born than between 21 Jan and 19 Feb. I`m the Zodiac King. :D Ruzete, why is the number 13 unlucky? 13 people at the last supper? Crucifixion on 13th week? etc.

    Keiko, to tell more tall stories, when I was a kid I was told that sleeping with your head facing the door causes death, because that indicates the way you`ll be carried away the next morning (in a coffin of course). I wonder why I`m still alive :D Have others heard of this superstition? I always recall this superstition when I see some Japanese napping with their heads anywhere but North. That`s the direction your head faces after the burial in Japan, ne Keiko? :D

  8. lazyintokyo

    lazyintokyo New Member

    Thank you everybody, I enjoyed reading all your replies :D
    I can't wait to enjoy chlebicek...with sitting in a sunny park :D

    Yes, it's called "Kita-Makura" means "north-pillow" and it is not good to sleep with your head facing to north.
    This superstition seems to result from Buddha was laid to north when he died.
    But feng shui (Chinese fortune-tellings) says north brings deep sleep and money...
    So as a matter of fact, it depends on what you want to believe :wink:
    I think fortune-tellings are quite interesting, but personally, I believe only good ones :lol:

    When I enjoy my summer vacation in Prague, many Czech people may be out of country for their vacation as well...city will be full of tourists(lol)

    Thanks again for replying to my message.


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