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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by CzechMeOut, Nov 21, 2008.

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    I thought I might as well introduce myself, although I'm terrible with introductions, but I'll try for you... Well, I'm nineteen, I live in Victoria, Australia, (although I've never been outside of my state as much as I'd have like to have had, sadly) and I guess you could say I have no connections with the Czech Republic whatsoever. I'm terribly boring outside of severe freudian-esque psychoanalytic studies, really... But anyway! I'm here because not only of my fascination with the beautiful little country that is the Czech Republic but to learn Czech!

    My first encounter with the Czech language was with a Czech student who was speaking it with her friend, the language was so beautiful but I had no idea what it was, so even though I felt a little embarrassed having listened to her conversation, I asked her and she smiled and said she was speaking Czech. And from there I said to myself I would learn this language and one day go to this magical paradise I had created in my head, that was the Czech Republic and my life would turn into a musical and I would sing songs down the streets of Prague. Okay, that's a little bit weird but it is a dream of mine...

    (Anyway I had a question but just noticed that I can't ask questions here, so I'll ask in the proper forum thingo.)

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    Welcome on forum and good luck with Czech!
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    Be welcome! And you are not bad with introduction...

    There's something kafkian in this of yours :D

    Good luck!

    Na shledanou.:
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    Ahoj CzechMeOut
    Welcome to the humble forum.
    It's a very international place, but now we have someone from the great down under.
    You've given yourself quite a task, but it is rewarding.
    There are lots of learners here so you will fit right in.

    It's like the saying, 'How do I get to Carnegie Hall?' Cvičení, cvičení, cvičení.
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    Welcome to the board. I echo your sentiment: learning the Czech language is an aspiration of mine, as well, and easy it is not. Good luck!
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    Welcome, loved your introduction.

    Oh, and Matt said learning Czech is not easy.... that's an understatement.
  8. Ahoj CzechmeOut :D
    I am a fellow Aussie from WA and we have a home in Brno CZ. Next winter (European summer) we will be back there, and I hope to go to school and learn a little more of their wonderful but difficult language. We have Czech friends here in Perth who speak Czech, but I find it too difficult to understand. Having been married to a Czech guy for 10 years, I still only know a "spattering" of words :? :) .
    If you do get to visit the Czech Republic, you will love it.
    Ciao, from WA
  9. Firstly Hello and welcome, secondly even though I'm English I had my first experience of the Czech Republic in Victoria too, I was working there in 92 and met a couple who had traveled from Czech to see the world. They were a very interesting couple and gave a talk to the Shepperton Rotary Association about their country which at that time was going through many changes. Coincidently on my return to England I met a Czech girl whom I married and now live in South Bohemia.
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    vítám vás :wink:

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