Ahoj! :)

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    Ahoj! :wink:
    I'm Amy, I'm 20 years old and I live in Germany! I am really interested in getting to know Czech guys (age 20-30) for a friendship (not more, not less! :mrgreen:).

    I am very, very interested in Czech culture, the country Ceská Republika itself and the language!!! When I have free-time, I sometimes learn it, but books don't always help... :cry: So I'd be very, very, veryyyy happy to meet some Czech guys who teach me a bit Cestina, but also talk about hobbies, life etc... ANYTHING!!! I went to Prague a few months ago, and I absolutely loved it there... Praha je velmi pekne mesto! :)

    My interest on Ceská Republika began a few years ago, when I decided to make a volunteer-report about a country, I chose the Czech Republic. And I'm still a huge "fan" of this wonderful and interesting country! I know some Czech words by the way, but it's not that much... :oops: (I can speak English, German and French.)

    I want to mention some hobbies I have: music, movies, travelling, learning new languages, culture and soccer (and yes, I like also the Czech national team!)

    OK, I do not want to reveal too much about me... Please contact me, either by replying to this message, via ICQ (number will follow, please write me also if I am offline!!!) or via e-mail.

    My ICQ-No: 345-791-006 (Deejayne Amy)
    My E-Mail: deejayne-amy@gmx.de

    Mnohokrát dekuji in advance... and don't worry, I won't bite... and I WILL ANSWER 100%!!!

    Many greetings, Amy 8)

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