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  1. J J Janousek

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    I just found this website.
    I am 2nd generation Czech and most interested:
    1. Czech music [traditional polka, waltzes, etc. for dancing & listening].
    2. Czech cooking
    3. learning more about places to visit in CR [dance & muisic festivals]

    Speaking in Czech is very very limited.

    I live in the Palm Springs area of Southern California, semi retired.

    My most important question at the moment is:
    Where can I buy Czech CDs [see #1] online that are made in CR?

    I'm unsure which board to post this topic. I've collected Czech music since age 9 & now want to expand my CD collection. I've not had great success to date online.

    Thank you for opportunity to post.
    aka Vasclav, Jakub, Vasek - depending which 'CZ expert' I speak with - lol
  2. radimh

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    you can visits some e-shops, for example:


    There is possible to buy czech CZ.

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